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The Full Story


Hi, I am Pooja, a freelance writer and marketer based in India. 

I am obsessed with helping SaaS businesses with intentionally designed content that helps them get in revenue, ROI, and reach. 

I am backing my work with constant research, upskilling and diving deeper into constantly scaling in this space. 

Do you want to know what's funny? 

While working in the full-time setup, I always dreamt of burning the bridge and helping clients directly. Glad it took me a few sweet years to do what I had manifested. 

Few COOL things about me: 

I can communicate seamlessly in Gifs and emojis.
I have something about cute ceilings. 
I wish to hoard more plants than my clothes.
My 4-year-old is my new boss.
Caffeine and I go insanely well. 


I am a professional content and copywriter specialising in writing a variety of content tailored to your business needs. With a love for crafting words and a solemn longing for some flexibility, I help businesses/clients deliver their message immaculately. 


To improve the way how businesses communicate intentionally. Clients approach me for a less stressed, impactful generation of copy and content for their website and respective businesses..

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