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How to generate traffic to your blog post?

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Ok, so the drill is you write a blog, insert the essentials, and hit that publish button. Now what? Well, in the second world, your hopes are pretty high that it goes viral, but the truth is it takes time. Don’t expect your blog post to create a buzz like a wildfire because even the most extensive empire takes time to set its ground. Expect least and follow these simple tips to get people coming to your site and reading your post.

1. Don’t write under pressure.

When you write without fear, pressure, and prejudice, you do your best. When you are new to the industry, know the audience trusts someone who’s already a genius at it. So you do you. Write consistently, garner the trust, and you may end up eventually attracting the customers. It may take time, but it should be worth it.

2. Understand what your customers want

The WANT draws the customers/audience to visit the site and may give your site more than a peek. For that, the content should have the meaning, the value your customers are eyeing. Figure it out, narrow down their wants, and may I add to it, how-tos, list posts do incredibly well.

3. Tailor your content as per the customer needs

While you are curating a readable, meaningful blog post, ensure to cater to their pain points. The customer visits a site with specific needs, but the question is, how do you point that out?

Well, here comes Google handy. Google is the answer to everything, so try it before you get knocked out of the game. The auto-complete function while typing at the Google search bar helps you tap into your audience's vast questions.

Quora, Answer the public are other platforms that narrow down the potential customers' various queries.

4. Make it easily consumed

Now, as we are here, this is another most important question to discuss. I mean, you get the yield with what you have fed. So, try making your content easily readable with these common tips.

A. Unnecessary fluffing ain’t needed

You want your blog post to be easily readable. Right? So, please stick to the matter of concern without pushing it with fluffy words or sentences. The fluffy content does no good for the site and even for the audience. There is a thin line between entertaining and sidelining the audience from the point of contact.

B. Keep sentences short

You don’t want to read a piece that keeps on ranting for ages. I mean, one has to stop. Hence, short, crispy sentences hit the spot. Of course, you can’t prevent creating mid-length, sense-infused sentences, but remember, nobody is here to read a monotonous set of words.

C. Bullet points

If there is anything you can’t go wrong with your blog post formatting and get more eyeballs, it has to be bullet points. You ask, why?


  • Who doesn’t like extra white space?

  • Who doesn’t like easy-to-read content?

  • Who doesn’t like well-listed, segregated content with the key highlights?

Undoubtedly, we all do!

So, go for it.

D. Appropriate use of headers and sub-headers

The icing on the cake should be the proper presentation of the blog. Use headers and subheaders to make the blog structure in-process and captivating.

E. Attractive images

Infusing your content with appropriate and alluring images does the job of breaking down the monotony of words and making them stay. Repurposed content(Any content which has been converted from text to visual) is also a hit these days to imbibe in a post.

You can source free images from




F. Converse in real

Writing is a creative aisle, but marketing your writing for the generation of ROI is an altogether business. Write as you converse. Maintain a balance between going extremely chatty and too bland. I mean audience, always finds their sense of comfort in staying at a site where there is conversational content. The key is the balance maintained by the writers. Make your write-up natural, chatty, and indulgent.

5. Research your competition

Knowing your competitor is crucial to dominate and win. It is imperative to understand the competitive advantages and offer the best solution to the audience. So, to perform at a better scale and stand head and shoulders above the rest, you need to find your competitors and set a strategy to scale up your posts better than them.

6. SEO rich content

Well, we all know how much Google appreciates SEO-rich content. Search engine optimization is the way to make your content rank organic in the search engine rankings. Get a keyword with the perfect balance of the right research, questions people ask, and top your content in the following way.

  • Add keyword in the Title

  • Infuse it in the body of the content

  • Sprinkle it in the headings, Alt text, and meta description

These are the basic rules of content optimization you can follow. Add to it a variation of keywords to help you rank reasonably well.

7. Share your posts

Well, this is a no-brainer. To make any post reach the target audience/customers, you need to spread the word. A well-curated, structured and published content is now ready to get more eyeballs. You can share it on

  • All the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

  • Ensure you are posting your blog post at a definite time interval where the audience is most active.

  • Find appropriate trending hashtags to enhance the reach of the content.

You can re-share these on Twitter by setting a voice of authority for the audience.

Fresh content is ready to be served!

Here you go. Following these tips will not let you slide the opportunity a blog post can unlock. Having a blog post adds more value to the business and lets your audience set a sense of belief. Build a relationship of trust that will pay with long, committed readers.

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