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Let's get one thing straight -- SaaS writing is what I am excited about. From a generalist to a specialist, this journey has been something! SaaS companies I have collaborated with include - marketers, eCommerce owners, Product managers, sales teams, marketing managers, and more.

That said, I have written extensively on:

Small business marketing
Brand awareness 
Email marketing and sequences
Social media Copies
Landing pages and Optimisation 
Web 3.0 
Creator economy 
Mobile/App Marketing 
Sales and marketing funnels 
Lead generation

Want to know more? Read on a few of the writings I have done for clients globally:

7 B2B Social Media Strategies for Marketing Boring, but Necessary, Products

Instagram Giveaway 101: How To Run Yours Successfully

Metaverse Explained: What Role Do NFTs Play in This Space?

10 Rules For Investing In Cryptocurrency

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